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Farmers spineOld farmer’s wisdom never goes out of style!
We just listed 2  treasure troves of agricultural tips and tricks from the mid-nineteeth century on our online store at Biblio.com. Click the links below to learn more about these neat old books!

The Farmer’s Every-Day Book
By Rev. John L. Blake; 1850      $75

This beautiful book offers a wealth of timeless agrarian wisdom on “practical & theoretical agriculture” and rural economy, as well as “twelve hundred laconics and apothegms relating to ethics, religion, and general literature.” The laconics frame the text on every page with gems like: “The excesses of youth are drafts upon old age, payable with interest.”!! This is a first edition.
(More info: http://www.biblio.com/books/587079313.html )


The Farmer’s Guide to Scientific and Practical Agriculture – Vol I & IIFarmers Guide spines
By Henry Stephens, F.R.S.E; 1854
$80 for 2 Vol. set

Two volumes of tools and terminology, best practices, and agricultural science and methods from the mid-ninteenth century. This extensive resource includes chapters like: “Feeding Cattle on Turnips , “Fattening of Swine in Winter” and “Turning of Dunghills”. Numerous charts, illustrations, and full-page engravings illustrate the text. First edition.
(More info: http://www.biblio.com/books/599837558.html )

Farmers Guide illustration


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BirchBark Bookshop has started listing some very special books on Biblio.com. You can browse our Biblio inventory at http://www.biblio.com/bookstore/birchbark_bookshop_potsdam

For example, we just posted this gem for history buffs:

A Tour Around the WorldTour Around cover

By General Grant; James D. McCabe, editor

Philadelphia: National Publishing Co., 1879.  First edition. Hardcover. Very Good.  General Grant describes in rich detail the people and places he encountered during his extensive travels which took him through England, France, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and India in the nineteenth century. More than 200 engravings provide portraits, architectural sites, and landscapes of the time.  // $40.  //
Lots more books will be going up on Biblio over the next few weeks. Check back often!

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